Privacy Policy does not collect any User Information and we also do not sell them to third parties. However, the game engine we use (Unity3d) does collect data.

We also give the player the option to post Scores on Facebook or Twitter. We do not access or track any Social Data or Friendlists.

Following a short description which data unity3d collects and how they use it

Unity: Collects anonym informations

Unity has probably collected some or all of the following information about your device:

  • - Unique device identifier generated from the device MAC/IMEI/MEID (which we immediately convert into a different number using a one way hash)
  • - IP address
  • - Device manufacturer and model
  • - the operating system and version running on your system or device
  • - browser type
  • - language
  • - the make of the CPU, and number of CPUs present
  • - the graphics card type and vendor name
  • - graphics card driver name and version (example: "nv4disp.dll")
  • - which graphics API is in use (example: "OpenGL 2.1" or "Direct3D 9.0c")
  • - amount of system and video RAM present
  • - current screen resolution
  • - version of the Unity Player
  • - version of the Unity Editor used to create the content
  • - a number describing whether the player is running on Mac, Windows or other platforms
  • - and a checksum of all the data that gets sent to verify that it did transmit correctly
  • - application or bundle identification ("app id") of the game installed.

We do not use the Unity progams analytics or ad service in any of our game, so we do not collect additional data.

That seems like a lot of data, why so much?

Unity tries to limit the collection of this information from any one player or device; however, certain operating systems do not permit us to note that the info has already been collected. This means that the data may be sent to Unity each time you start the game.

Unity uses the information to make decisions about which platforms, operating systems and versions of them should be supported by their game development software. Unity aggregates this data and makes it available to developers like us at This data helps Unity to improve their Services and helps us improve our apps.