Secret Trump


Bern'em'Up is a little Shoot'em'Up I developed for free, in support for presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders

You have to shoot down rockets and keep the bombs up until they explode. You can also smash the Bombs into Rockets for extra points. The game is free and doesn't include any ads.
iPhone Version comming soon.




OctOut was our first game and we released it on both Android and iPhone. It's a mix of the classic arcade games "BreakOut" and "Space Invaders".

It has a number of waves and power ups to keep the gameplay interesting and is a lot faster than break out. We also included some puzzle elements with for instance exploding enemies that you sometimes even could place yourself.

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Bakamon was our creation for the Fukushima Game Jam in 2015, a Jam where we had to complete a game in 32 hours with the theme "Ascend"

We created a platformer about a monster that ended up to be raised by birds until they flew away and left him behind. Your goal is to collect feathers, build your own wings and be able to rejoin your family in this little platformer.


Freiheit X

Freiheit X

Freiheit X was our first Game Jam game for the Gameboy jam, with the target to create a classic gameboy style game, which we did over one weekend.

In Freiheit X you fly a little space ship, collect ores and other supplies from enemy ships and meteorites which in turn yields you improved Ships to fly.


We are

About us

We are a switzerland based game development group of mostly two people, that try to design games, mostly for fun and practice.

We slowly get to the point where we can create halfway decent games. And by the way, thank you for reading up on us, I hope we didn't waste to much of your time.




We plan to probably finally create a bit more complex games and probably will do some jams in between

The best way to follow our chaotic and unpredictable schedule is probably to follow our twitter or fb page, we surely will post any updates there. Well maybe. Probably.

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